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Череповец ---> Калининград

от 6900 руб.

продажа: до 3/19/17

полет: 10/30/16 – 3/19/17

Новосибирск ---> Стрежевой

от 16500 руб.

продажа: до 12/31/17

полет: 1/30/17 – 12/31/17

Москва ---> Симферополь

от 4750 руб.

продажа: до 12/31/17

полет: 6/1/17 – 12/31/17

Duplex inset business cards on coated board with punching

Block of duplex inset business cards on coated board with punching is another inset type. Due to punching each element in the block is a self-sufficient information carrier.

It doesn’t just catch the attention of the audience reading the magazine but also extends advertising effect as long as possible as the reader can take any «business card». By advertiser’s wish it can be turned into company presentation, map, image module, invitation for sampling or ticket for seminar, specialist’s personal business card, discount coupon, etc. Thus it works perfectly both in current affairs and establishment and maintenance of long-term relations with customers. Price depends on the volume of circulation in which advertising is going to be placed. Thus, placing advertising in Pulkovo Airport (St. Petersburg) circulation costs USD 510,00 / EUR 430,00 per issue. Layout production price is not included in the placement price. 

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