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Санкт-Петербург ---> Апатиты

от 8200 руб.

продажа: до 3/25/17

полет: 10/30/16 – 3/25/17

Красноярск ---> Горно Алтайск

от 9990 руб.

продажа: до 12/31/17

полет: 3/11/17 – 12/31/17

Москва ---> Хабаровск

от 25300 руб.

продажа: до 12/31/17

полет: 6/1/17 – 12/31/17

Advertising on the website

Web banners on the portal


Terms and technical requirements


1. Banners are accepted in the format of GIF, JPEG.


2. Banner sizes: 360x90, 240x120, 980x40 pixels.


3. Weight banners should not exceed 40 KB.


4. flash-banners have to be attached plug in GIF, JPEG, or PNG (no transparency). Weight plugs for flash-banners should not exceed 40 KB.


5. Background color flash-banner should be given a colored object (even if it is white), and not through the Background color.


6. For all the swf-files in the video it is necessary to create a rectangular selection, the size of a banner on top of all layers convert to a button element and set the transparency level of alpha = 0%. Provided the whole object and the following script is inserted in the Action Script:

on (release) {

getURL ( "Address", "_blank");


where instead of the word address to enter the URL, which is the element, for example, http: //


7. Materials in flash format should not contain links and sites that perform a function different from the animation controls.


8. It is not allowed the exchange of information flash-banner to external sites (loadMovie design, loadVariables, XML.load and others).


Banners carried out without taking into account these requirements can not be accepted to the show.




Do not place the banners:


• interface with elements portal;

• Irritating to eyes;

• reminding advertising pornographic websites;

• Site misleading introducing visitors *;

• violate the legislation of the Russian Federation **.


* This category includes banners containing text such as "click and get free ..." or "Congratulations! You have won ... Click to get ... ". On the exclusion can be discussed only if the banner is constantly visible URL-address to which it leads.


** In particular, according to the Federal Law "On Advertising", the Internet is not allowed "advertising of gambling and betting" (casinos, including online casinos, lotteries, betting and so on. N.)


It may also be refused in the placement of banners, which does not match the performance of the domestic policy of the portal.




Production of web banners


In addition to accommodation, you can order the production of the banner.

Hotel reservations should be made through the employee portal, you are working on advertising.


To place an order you should specify:


- Size of the banner;

- Text animation (offer, contacts, etc...);

- Requests for the use of the font and color (if not available, the designer reserves the right to choose);

- A reference to the advertised site.


Do not forget to send the necessary image (company logo in eps format, ai or the cdr, drawings, examples of corporate identity).

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