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Череповец ---> Калининград

от 6900 руб.

продажа: до 3/19/17

полет: 10/30/16 – 3/19/17

Москва ---> Хабаровск

от 25300 руб.

продажа: до 12/31/17

полет: 6/1/17 – 12/31/17

Москва ---> Мирный

от 8400 руб.

продажа: до 12/31/17

полет: 3/26/17 – 12/31/17

Specifications for the layout in the magazine




The original layout should be made strictly on the size of the claimed advertising module (1: 1 size of the modules, see "Modular advertising" section.). Invisible circuits, components must not exceed the dimensions of the module.



Materials are accepted:



• on any electronic medium;

• email (no more than 30 MB file size);

• via FTP (please specify the address, username and password).

The carrier should contain all the files (EPS, TIFF), used in the final document. Data should be provided on a carrier providing bessboynoe readout. To improve reliability, it is recommended to duplicate information (in one or more carriers).



The print files are accepted in the following formats:



PSD (with layers, fonts must be rasterized), TIFF, EPS, Ai.

Advertising layouts to be typeset in the program CorelDraw, necessarily exported to Ai format (Adobe Illustrator) or EPS format. Other formats require mandatory consultation with the designer!

For a copy of the layout of its screen (preview), in jpg or gif format should be attached.




Features of preparation of layouts for advertisements trim size (Bang Bang)


Advertising modules trim size (bleed, t. E. Beyond the standard magazine layout fields) should be prepared by adding a 5 mm on each side. Format with these 5mm called Bleed, and the dimensions for each module you can take in the "modular advertising."

It should also pay attention to the layout of publication, taking into account the cutting line: design elements (. Logos, text, images will not bleed and other relevant details) shall be located at a distance of not less than 4 mm on each side inside the module boundaries - this space is called a stripe set , the dimensions of which are also presented in the "modular advertising."

In the case of modules right through without complying with these rules editors reserve the right to publish them as conventional modules, inscribed in the standard layout of the magazine (Vol. E. With the fields on the layout of the band).




Requirements for vector objects


• Color model CMYK. Spot colors (Pantone, etc.) must be presented in CMYK-analogues.

• colors Amount (Total Inks C + M + Y + K) - 300%.

• All fonts must be converted into curves!

• Do not use fonts less than 10 pt or eversion composite color on a colored background.

All objects created in CorelDraw programs, QarkXPress, FreeHand and using transparency (lens, shadow), and gradient fills, to be converted into bitmap graphics to export to EPS format.



Requirements for scanning objects


• Color model CMYK. Spot colors (Pantone, etc.) must be presented in CMYK-analogues.

• colors Amount (Total Inks C + M + Y + K) - 300%.

• Bitmap objects (individual and embedded) must have a resolution of 300 dpi.

• All images must be shown at the right scale, cut, mirrored or rotated only in Photoshop.

• The ready-made layouts are not allowed to use alpha channels.

• Keep files without LZW-compression.


Specifications for layouts bilateral inserts, business cards with perforation


• Trim size: 95,0 x 50 mm.

The band set: 85,0 x 40 mm

(For a set of band should not extend text, logo, all graphic elements and pouring).

• The layout is prepared in size (95,0 x 50 mm) without crashes and stocks.

• File Format: EPS, Ai, TIFF, PSD (all layers are merged)

models to be typeset in the program CorelDraw, necessarily exported to Ai format (Adobe Illustrator)

or EPS format.

• Color mode: CMYK.

• As in the layout contains small elements (text, logos and so on. P.),

preferred vector format.

• All texts must be converted to curves (outlines), raster to vector format - rasterized.

• File Resolution 300 dpi (if the original file has a lower resolution,

do not increase it - it does not improve the print quality).

• font size no smaller than 6 pt. When writing "vyvorotki" (white on color) - font type size of not less than 7 pt.



Edit original models provided by advertisers


The editors do not guarantee the editing provided by advertisers original models, in Vol. H. The alignment of the technical requirements, as well as making proofs. Please carefully check the characteristics of the original models and their content, as well as to correct the identified deficiencies, edited, in Vol. H. The spelling and punctuation of texts.



Work on the original layout for advertiser request


Revision develops original model commissioned by the advertiser, issued in the form of technical specifications. After creating the original layout is allowed no more than three of its amendments (each - at the written request of the customer).

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