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Екатеринбург ---> Москва

от 7000 руб.

продажа: до 12/31/17

полет: 3/25/17 – 12/31/17

Новосибирск ---> Санкт-Петербург

от 12000 руб.

продажа: до 12/31/17

полет: 3/26/17 – 12/31/17

Москва <---> Якутск

от 31000 руб.

продажа: до 12/31/17

полет: 1/9/17 – 12/31/17


February 28, 2017

Professional Holiday Highlights Achievements of the Russian Aviation

The Day of Civil Aviation is celebrated on the 9th of February. It is always an appropriate occasion for industry performance assessment. Despite numerous difficulties, last year was marked with significant growth. More



December 28, 2016

Favourable Forecast

Rate of air passenger traffic is growing in Russia again according to Rosaviatsiya and partner airlines of Flight Line Magazine, Russian national edition for air passengers. More



November 24, 2016

New partner of Flight Line Magazine

In December 2016 Flight Line Magazine, a Russian national edition for air passengers, is signing a cooperation agreement with Pioneer Regional Airlines OJSC, thus increasing the number of its partners again. More



October 26, 2016

Henceforward Flight Line Magazine is at Domodedovo Airport

In mid-October Flight Line Magazine has been introduced at Domodedovo Airport. It has become another step towards expansion of the Russian national in-flight magazine to Moscow multi-airport system. More



September 22, 2016

Happy for Our Partners!

Several partner hotels of Flight Line Magazine, Russian national edition for air passengers, have been awarded at World Travel Awards 2016. More



July 29, 2016

Start of Mutual Projects of Flight Line Magazine and Russian Geographical Society

Projects of two lines of articles of Flight Line Magazine, Russian national edition for air passengers, dedicated to the unique tourist opportunities of Tuva and Bashkiria, won the competition of grants of Russian Geographical Society. More



June 25, 2016

Seasonal Growth

Demand for flights, especially for southern directions, always increases in the summer period. Partner airlines of Flight Line Magazine have added over 70 seasonal flights to their schedule this summer. More



May 26, 2016

Successful Launch

Russian national edition for air passengers Flight Line Magazine proposal of targeted advertising got positive feedback of Moscow and St. Petersburg advertising market. More



April 21, 2016

Flight Line Magazine Partner Airlines and Airports among Leaders!

Results of 2015 show that partners of Flight Line Magazine, Russian national edition for air passengers, are among the leading Russian civil aviation airlines again. This fact is proved by the actual airport rating and by the results of The Wings of Russia National Award. More



March 23, 2016

Time for Renewal – Targeted Issues

Editorial team of Flight Line Magazine, Russian national edition for air passengers, presents new advertising opportunities with geographical targeting. On March 1, 2016, the first day of spring, we organized a presentation for the advertising agencies of St. Petersburg. More



February 24, 2016

Best Airports of Russia

Partner airports of Flight Line Magazine, national edition for air passengers, are among laureates of the 2nd national award “Air Gateway of Russia” by the results of 2015. More



December 25, 2015

Pulkovo Airport Developing Transfer Traffic

Pulkovo Airport (St. Petersburg, Russia), partner of Flight Line magazine, has launched the programme of development of transfer traffic. It means more connection flights and a chance to fly with a single ticket for the passengers. More



November 30, 2015

Full Support for Partners

Flight Line Magazine, Russian national magazine for air passengers, gives full information support to its partner enterprises. News from airlines and airports are published both in the magazine and on its official web-site. More



October 26, 2015

Two New Partners of Flight Line Magazine

In autumn 2015 UVT Aero and the Voronezh Airport, two Russian air companies, joined the partners of Flight Line Magazine, Russian national magazine for air passengers. At the moment the magazine is available to the passengers of both air companies. More



September 28, 2015

Flight Line Magazine publication schedule for 2016

Viraton LLC, establisher and publisher of Flight Line Magazine, has revealed magazine printing schedule for 2016. Major alteration comparing to current year is earlier appearance date in order to provide stability of distribution. More



August 07, 2015

Tour Industry Getting Support

Editorial office of Flight Line Magazine supports Russian federal and regional authorities in promoting St. Petersburg and other cities and regions of Russia on the world and Russian tourist markets. More



June 29, 2015

Important Milestones for Our Partner Airports

In summer 2015 two partner airlines of national magazine for air passengers Flight Line Magazine celebrate important dates in their history. Airport of Irkutsk is 90 years old and airport of Orenburg is 85 years old. More



May 28, 2015

Flight Line Magazine Resumes Cooperation with Nordavia

Russian magazine for air passengers Flight Line Magazine has signed an agreement with JSC “Nordavia – Regional Airlines”. Starting from June 2015 the magazine is available again for the passengers of Nordavia flying from Pulkovo Airport. More



April 27, 2015

Positive Factor

VAT on domestic flights is going to be reduced from 18% to 10%. It is a positive factor in light of economical crisis followed by decrease of demand for international flights on Russian market. Partner airlines of Flight Line Magazine for air passengers deem this measure to be taken to support Russian civil aviation in difficult economical situation. More



March 30, 2015

Flight Line Magazine at Vnukovo Airport

Flight Line Magazine, Russian edition for air passengers, is expanding its distribution map again. Starting from April 2015 you will be able to find the magazine on the desks at Vnukovo Airport. More



February 27, 2015

Flight Line Magazine Is Back to Pulkovo-1

Flight Line Magazine for air passengers, the official edition of St. Petersburg airport, is distributed in Pulkovo-1 again after the terminal reconstruction. More



December 10, 2014

New Format of Flight Line Magazine!

In 2015 Flight Line Magazine for air passengers will be published in a different size – 210 х 250 mm. At that, price of advertising will stay the same as in 2014. More



November 24, 2014

Celebrating Together with Partners

On November 12, 2014 a celebration was held in St. Petersburg. It was dedicated to the publication of 100th anniversary issue of Flight Line Magazine and to the 10th birthday of the magazine. Representatives of partner airlines and advertisers were among the guests of this event. More



October 27, 2014

100th Issue of Flight Line Magazine

In November we are publishing 100th issue of Flight Line Magazine, Russian magazine for air passengers. Magazine editorial is going to celebrate this event with the partners and is organizing anniversary competition for the readers. More



September 22, 2014

“Vologda Air Enterprise” Is Becoming Partner of Flight Line Magazine

In October 2014 “Vologda Air Enterprise” OJSC will become Flight Line Magazine partner. Our magazine will be available to passengers onboard airline flights and at Vologda airport. More



August 25, 2014

Staking on Domestic Tourism

This summer has shown that more and more tourists start traveling around Russia due to rising prices for holidays in foreign countries. This fact has been mentioned by many partner airlines of Flight Line Magazine. More



June 23, 2014

Flights to Crimea

Some of Flight Line Magazine partner airlines have opened flights to Crimea. More



May 26, 2014

Anniversary Year

In May 2014 editorial of Flight Line Magazine received the first congratulations on the 10th anniversary of the magazine. More



April 21, 2014

Summer Destinations

Demand for air tickets, especially for popular holiday destinations, is always growing at the beginning of summer holiday season. Air carriers begin performing charter flights. That is what Flight Line Magazine distribution partners (Russian airlines and airports) report of. More



March 24, 2014

First Year of Orenburzhie Air Company

Orenburzhie Air Company, structural unit of International Airport Orenburg, started performing flights on April 1, 2013. Flight Line Magazine editorial would like to congratulate our partner with the first anniversary marked with good performance for regional air carrier. More



February 24, 2014

New Step of Pulkovo Airport Development

Since February 11, 2014 all domestic flights have been served in the new Terminal-1. Flight Line Magazine, the official edition of Pulkovo Airport, is happy to congratulate passengers and employees of the airport with successful completion of the next step of airport developmentMore



December 26, 2013

One More Partner in Krasnoyarsk Territory

Flight Line Magazine for air passengers starts business relations with “Krasavia” State Enterprise in Krasnoyarsk Territory. More



November 28, 2013

Warm Meeting

On November 14, 2013 Flight Line Magazine organized a special event in Moscow for partners connected with beginning of magazine distribution in three terminals of Sheremetyevo Airport. More



October 10, 2013

Improving Distribution System in Moscow

Since November 2013 Flight Line Magazine will be distributed on the desks at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow. At the same time we are increasing its circulation. More



September 26, 2013

Komiaviatrans OJSC Has Become New Partner of Flight Line Magazine

At the moment Flight Line Magazine has 28 partners. We have signed an agreement on magazine distribution onboard “Komiaviatrans”. More



August 29, 2013

Flight Line Magazine Branching Out In Siberia

Since September 2013 Flight Line Magazine is going to be distributed at Yemelyanovo Airport of Krasnoyarsk. Therefore edition is strengthening its positions in Siberia and increasing its circulation. More



July 4, 2013

ALROSAAIR Becoming Partner of Flight Line Magazine

Flight Line Magazine for air passengers has increased the number of partner airlines after signing a contract on distribution of the magazine onboard the airplanes of “Aircompany ALROSAAIR”. More



May 30, 2013

Airlines and Airports Ready for High Season

Considerable passenger flow growth requires skilful planning. Thus airlines provide stable operation at increasing load. Partner airlines and airports of Flight Line Magazine are ready for the high season. More



April 26, 2013

Subsidies for Partner Airlines

On April 20, 2013 a support program for passenger airlines of North-West, Siberia, Ural and Far Eastern federal districts of Russia was launched. They granted 1.3 billion rubles for 32 routes. Among the airlines to receive budgetary funds are fives partners of Flight Line Magazine for air passengers. More



March 28, 2013

Airlines Choose Flight Line Magazine

Izhavia and Tomsk Avia, two Russian regional airlines, are now Flight Line Magazine partners. The magazine is available to the passengers of all the regular flights of both air companies. More



February 27, 2013

Regional Traffic Growing

Demand on regional traffic has been growing in Russia. Many partner airlines of Flight Line Magazine are going to develop this segment of air transportation market particularly with the glance to governmental support. More



December 27, 2012

More Expert Appraisals

Articles by leading Russian and foreign experts in different fields of knowledge appear in Flight Line Magazine for air passengers including not only Business section but also other sectors of the magazine. More



November 29, 2012

Debut in Sochi

In December 2012 we start publishing special edition of Flight Line Magazine for the readers of the southern part of Russia. Passengers of Sochi (Adler) airport will be the first ones to get acquainted with adapted version of the popular magazine. More



October 25, 2012

Russian Regions Stake on Passengers

Russian regions are actively promoting their tourist facilities among air passengers in order to increase passenger flow. Flight Line Magazine has doubled the number of articles describing the attractiveness of holidays in Russia. Publication of these materials is result of close cooperation with the regional tourism departments. More



September 27, 2012

Starting Sales

Advertising department of Flight Line Magazine has started selling advertising space in the issues of 2013. Although advertising prices are going to grow the next year, with our special offer  you can conclude advertising contract for the next year at the prices of the current one till the end of 2012. Our regular partners have already taken this opportunity. More



August 31, 2012

Magazine Presentation in Irkutsk

Presentation of Flight Line Magazine in Irkutsk airport was attended by businessmen, airport partners and journalists. In May 2012 the magazine became airport official edition. More



July 5, 2012

Partners Jubilees

Two partners of Flight Line Magazine are celebrating their 80th anniversary. These are Pulkovo airport (St. Petersburg) and ORENAIR. More



May 31, 2012

Season Growth

Airlines and airports, Flight Line Magazine distribution partners, report of the season growth of passenger flow and increasing number of charter flights especially to the popular holiday destinations. More



April 26, 2012

Flight Line Magazine in Irkutsk

In May 2012 Flight Line Magazine for air passengers comes to Irkutsk. Passengers can find the magazine on the brand desks in the airport and in the seatbacks onboard Angara Airlines. More



March 26, 2012

Among the Leaders Again

At the end of 2011 Flight Line Magazine for air passengers was among the leading in-flight editions of Russia. According to editorial representatives it does not mean that they feel self-complacent. Since the beginning of 2012 they have started improving magazine contents and design as well as enhancing the distribution system. More



February 22, 2012

Consolidating Positions in Tatarstan

Flight Line Magazine for air passengers considerably consolidated its position in Tatarstan Republic in Russian Federation in 2011 by distribution onboard “AK BARS AERO”. More



December 19, 2011

Stable Growth

Partner air companies of Flight Line Magazine have considerably enlarged their map routes during 2011. It has resulted in expansion of distribution area and growth of the audience of the magazine. More



November 20, 2011

New Rates

Viraton LLC, establisher and publisher of Flight Line Magazine announces new rates for advertising placement for the year 2012. In average prices are increasing by 25%. More



October 25, 2011

Double Fete

In 2011 Flight Line Magazine, magazine for air passengers, celebrates two holidays that are seventh birthday of the magazine and 70th issue that will be published in November. Readers and partners have sent greetings to the editorial. More



September 25, 2011

Modern Style

In October 2011 Flight Line Magazine for air passengers will be published in new design created in accordance with topical tendencies of Life Style periodicals. More



August 22, 2011

Publication Schedule for 2012

Viraton LLC, founder and publisher of Flight Line Magazine, magazine for air passengers, has published the schedule for 2012. Such early publication is caused by the requests of partners and shift of the double issue from December-January to January-February. More



June 20, 2011

Flight Line Magazine is now on .рф

Flight Line Magazine, edition for air passengers, started using Cyrillic domains линияполета.рф and линия-полета.рф for its website with the main address at Now it is easier to remember the address of the website containing articles, information for the passengers and useful on-line services. More



May 20, 2011

Protected by the State

Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks (Rospatent) has registered the name of the magazine for air passengers “Линия полета” (Flight Line Magazine) as a trade mark and has issued the corresponding certificate. More



April 10, 2011

Awards of Our Partners

On March 28, 2011 Wings of Russia Award winners received awards by results of 2010. Among the winners were Flight Line Magazine partner air companies. Our edition also assisted in voting for Passengers Choice Award. More



March 31, 2011

Distribution Extension

New positive changes took place in the distribution system of Flight Line Magazine. Due to cooperation with the new partners Severstal and Pskovavia airlines our edition has confirmed its lead in the North-West of Russia. More



March 25, 2011

Readership Growth

According to Rosaviatsiya statistics partner airlines of Flight Line Magazine increased passenger traffic in 2010. Within the year magazine readership grew up by 40 % that year (nonregistering distribution in the airports). More



March 1, 2011

Growing Interest

Interest to the competitions organized by Flight Line Magazine together with the partners is constantly growing. In 2010 several hundred thousands of readers took part in the competitions. More



February 1, 2011

APEX Membership

Membership of Viraton LLC, founder and publisher of Flight Line Magazine, in APEX association was approved in 2011. Members of this association are leading air carriers and companies engaged in rendering services to the air passengers, in particular publishers of the magazines for air passengers. More



January 11, 2011

Website Updated

Flight Line Magazine editorial has launched updated website where you can find aviation and tourist news, the most interesting materials of the magazine and articles written especially for on-line version as well as special offers of the air companies, traveler’s guide, competitions and information of our partners. More



December 1, 2010

Speech on the Professional Forum

November 19, 2010 Flight Line Magazine delivered a report concerning the distribution of alcohol drinks on board and in the airports in the context of the business program on the International specialized exhibition “Russian Wine Fair–2010”. More



November 3, 2010

Monthly Concise Guide

In November 2010 Guide section has appeared in Flight Line Magazine. It’s a guide for the readers with useful information and contacts of organizations. More



October 1, 2010

New Design, New Content

Flight Line Magazine has renewed in October 2010. New design reflects editorial aim to offer our readers modern and bright edition. At the same time new historical and youth sections as well as mini interviews with famous people about traveling have appeared in the magazine. More



September 1, 2010

Expansion of cooperation

Beginning from September 2010 Flight Line Magazine expands cooperation with Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg. In the issues intended for the airport you will find special pages with the news and useful information for passengers. More



July 5, 2010

New partner

In July 2010 Kostroma Air Enterprise has become partner airline of Flight Line Magazine. More



June 2, 2010

For young readers

Since June 2010 Flight Line Magazine for air passengers has added a new section for young readers. We offer funny comics, entertaining developmental tasks and competitions. More



May 3, 2010

English Debut

Flight Line Magazine has presented a new section with materials in English. Starting from April issue we are publishing articles and reviews for English speaking readers. More



May 3, 2010

Flight Line Magazine becomes more available

Flight Line Magazine has considerably enlarged the distribution area due to signing cooperation agreements with three new partners in Spring 2010. More

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